Interview with Kris Kazimierski from London House Removals

October 21, 2019 Admin

From humble beginnings to an enthralling success story in the moving Industry, Kris Kazimierski, the Founder and CEO of London House Removals, has a lot to teach us all!

With years of experience working in several removals companies, he says he eventually gained the confidence to start his own venture.

He started from scratch after knowing all the nuances of a successful move, self-designed his website, rented vans for his earlier jobs and took small steps till he got a firm foothold in the market.

Here he shares wonderful insights on his business success, which we are sure is going to empower the entrepreneurs waiting to make big!

Q1. Can you tell us about yourself and what kind of work you did before starting London House Removals?

Kris: I worked in several removal companies, from a very small, man and a van style, to very large firms with several lorries and over 50 staff members.

Q2. What made you start a business related to removals? And how did you start London House Removals?

Kris: While working for other companies, I gained a lot of experience and confidence in this area. So I decided to open my own venture. I started from scratch, designing myself my website and renting vans for first jobs. It was a lot of hard work and fun at the same time. I was very excited about this creative process.

Q3. Do you consider this business competitive? And, if so, how do you deal with that?

Kris: Removal business is competitive indeed, and we are competitive with other companies in the sense of offering the best value for money. Our quotations may not necessarily be the cheapest, but our careful planning and skilled team possessing high attention to details guarantee that all our moves are done properly and safely, with high satisfaction of our customers, which can be seen from their 5-star reviews that we continue to receive on a weekly basis.

Q4. How does London House Removals stand out from the rest and avoid having to compete with others?

Kris: To put it very simply – we genuinely put our hearts to what we do in our company and it can be felt by our customers. I believe this is the reason why they put their trust in us.

Q5. How do you find new customers every day?

Kris: I find them very different and interesting at the same time. They all show different attitudes and qualities. Some are very relaxed and easy to work with. Some are a bit stressed and like to have total control over each step of our work, and those are more difficult to deal with. But we are fine with that. We do understand that their possessions are in our hands, so they have a good reason to be worried about their removal job.

Q6. Have you ever encountered any conflicts with your customers and how did you manage to fix it?

Kris: Yes, very rarely, but we have. Those were mainly customers who did not take the time to read properly our quotations and our job confirmations with all the logistics. We managed to fix it by being calm no matter how stressed there were. We took the approach of the polite and simple process of explaining that it’s their responsibility of making themselves familiar with our quotations.

Q7. How do you promote your business to attract new customers? What are the channels or medium you use?

Kris: Our customers come from our website, from recommendations and from 3rd party quote-compare type websites. We also have a very high number of returning customers, who are satisfied with their previous experience with us.

Q8. Are there any apps or services that you can’t live without?

Kris: Yes, there are. For example, Google Calendar is a very helpful tool for the booking process.

Q9. What are your plans for the future?

Kris: To provide even better quality and diversity of our services to our customers.

Q10. If you could give one piece of advice to those who are just starting out, what would it be?

Kris: To be dedicated and persistent in moving your business forward. To be able to give all your energy and devotion, especially in those first 2 to 3 years of the life of your business, when it’s still fresh and fragile. To not give up, even when there are moments of doubt. To invest wisely – taking risks is good, but sometimes slower but steady growth is better than risking everything and losing at the end. To giving your 100% – customers will recognise it. Cutting corners for rapid growth is a dead end.

Q11. In conclusion, is there anything else you would like to add?

Kris: I would like to thank all our customers for putting their trust in us and I would like to assure that we will continue to give our 100% for all the new families, businesses and individuals who come our way asking for our services.

We would like to thank Kris for taking time off from his busy schedule to answer our questions and also for sharing an inspirational story with us.