Attract More Customers through Video!

We have our in - house video production team. We can create impressive videos which will communicate your business very effectively to your customers.

We`ve helped grow 100+ businesses

Some questions you might have

Do you have same templates for the videos?

No. We personally create every video from scratch and give them a unique touch. This all depends on what and how you want to communicate your message effectively. These videos can be used for marketing campaigns or on your YouTube channel.

Will there be the banding/logo of Logicsofts on my videos?

No. There will be no logo or branding used on the videos which we have created for our customers. Hence, you can use them anyway you want.

Will I own the rights to my video?

Yes. You will have all the copyrights for commercial use of the videos. However, some of the assets that have been used in the videos may be used by us. We will not use the particular characters in other videos which we have used for your video.

Am I allowed to bring some changes to my video once I receive it?

Yes. We give you unlimited free visual revisions to your first draft. Videos may have to through further revision process. If you submit the video via our revision process within 10 days, we offer you unlimited visual revisions.

What will be the length of the script for a video of 30 seconds?

For a 30 seconds video, we roughly recommend for a script of around 75 words. For a one minute long video, the length of script should be around 150 words and this increases according to the length of the video. 30 seconds is a recommended length of the video which gives your audience enough information in graphics form to consume and to understand.

What will be the video size and resolution of my video?

All the videos we provide are in MP4 format which is considered perfect for social media platforms and even for YouTube. The resolution will be 1080P.

What if I ask you add my own script, voice over or music after these?

Yes, you can add anything you like. Please have a look at the charges. Charges for changes in script are £30+VAT or $40, plus £2 or $2.75 per word. Music change is done at no charge. Charges for voice over are £30+VAT or $40 per 30 seconds.

In how much time, will I get my video?

Generally, it takes around a month to finish the project which is comparatively faster. Also, a lot of time which is consumed in the process also depends how instantly information, preferences and revisions can be provided to us.