Logicsofts is a web design and digital agency based in London. We sell graphic, web design and digital marketing solutions, that positions our clients above their competitors, ultimately increasing profit by helping them attract and retain their ideal customer base.
Yes. We offer reasonable starter plans tailored specifically towards new businesses that may be on a limited budget - offering you a great service at a reasonable cost.
Each project is completely different and we are happy to provide a quote when we learn more about the project requirements.
First of all we arrange a meeting to discuss your design requirements, and from this we will draw up a plan of the site together with a quote. There is no obligation at all at this stage. If you decide you would like to accept the quote we will require a deposit before we can get started on the design.
Just like costing, each design project is different. Some projects may take several weeks and some might take six months or more. The duration of the project is often determined by the project deliverables.
We always expect there to be a few changes to the overall design, and we will work with you to make sure that the final design is what you want. However, once the look of the site has been agreed and we are at a later stage in the design, any major reworking of the existing design will result in additional charges if substantial extra work is required. We will of course inform you of this at the time, before we do the work, and will only go ahead when we have your say-so.
Not at all. We have worked with local, national and international clients and our working relationships have never been compromised by distance.
Most projects require a 50% downpayment to secure our time and ensure your project goes in the diary. This is payable via bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card. Details of payment are provided with the initial invoice and the remaining 60% is payable upon completion of the project, before the transfer of original artwork.