Signs that you should Redesign your Website

June 24, 2019 Admin

Everyone needs change. If there is anything which doesn’t change; gets outdated. Especially in terms of business, change is very important.

If you own a business and don’t change, you may not survive. In this digital space, if your website is old fashioned with old technologies, it will surely affect your business.

A website which is updated regularly and is implemented with high-end technology will engage more customers leading to better leads. You better hire a web designer or outsource it if you can’t hire one for your business website.

Your website is like the entry gate and your customers should get to know that the website is functional, has fresh content and is updated regularly.

Time to time, website needs changes and improvements in various terms such as design, layout, framework, content etc.

Check the following points to know when you should update your website.

When should you update your website?

The very first thing that can clearly tell that your website needs design is when you see other websites have better design than yours.

If you want to show your website to your clients but you feel hesitation, call a web designer straight away.

If the website is not able to communicate your business & services effectively, you are losing the competition.

Your web design should be up to the trend.

Check around and analyze if the design and layout of your website correlate with the other websites of the same business.

You should feel proud while representing your business via your website. Hence, ask a web designer to design your website as per your concept and business requirements.

Lynsey Blackburn, the owner of Response Bio Clean stated, “After revamping our website and making significant changes, I have witnessed notable improvements in our business’s traffic.”

If your website is running slow

An impressive website communicates a lot more than just the content. If your website is loading or running slow, then it’s high time that you should sit and think about its redesign. Slow speed of website will make you lose potential customers.

If your website isn’t Mobile Friendly

Due to the boom in smartphone industry, a large part of population browses online. The easy access to the internet has made it a common thing.

People spend a lot of time online on social media through their smartphones. If your website isn’t compatible with smart phone screens, which means if your website doesn’t have mobile friendly design, layout and framework, consider hiring a web designer without any delay. Have a mobile responsive website.

If your website doesn’t deliver nice user experience

If the users don’t like to visit your website or if they aren’t engaged for a long time, you need to reshape the design of your website.

If the users find it hard to navigate through the pages, they will leave the website, no matter how much quality content you have put there. Redesign your website to great user experience.

If your website has high bounce rate

High bounce rate is something no one wants especially if you get business from your website. Bounce rate is the sign that your website needs treatment. High bounce rate highlights poor user experience. If your website has a bounce rate of 70%, this means 70 users out of 100 left your website and moved to a different website. The web design is to be blamed.

If your website doesn’t have HTTPS protection

Users have become more educated and they don’t choose website randomly. Due to increase in online privacy breach, it has become very important to have an HTTPS secured website. This makes your users feel safe that you are using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

If your website has dead points

Nobody wants to have dead points in the websites. And if you encounter them, you should straight away delete them. If there are numerous errors or broken links in your website, it’s time to redesign your website. A broken link again leads to higher bounce rate.

These are some major points which are to be kept in mind.

On the basis of these points, you can easily diagnose if your website needs any changes or redesign. Make sure that your website has great quality content.

Quality of the content matters a lot; even if it is just a tagline. The grammar and language should be good. The web design should be modern.

It should be attractive as well as engaging. The loading speed is also a factor.

Your website shouldn’t make your users wait for more than 3 seconds.

The above Blog Post is contributed by Adam who is a marketing expert at Avocat International Thuan, a leading law firm with offices in France and the United Kingdom.